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Rana Farayand Sanaat

exclusive representative of LB BULGARICUM (starter cultures) & STERNENZYM (enzymes) in food industry

About Us

Rana Farayand Sanat Company, is established  based on the experience of managers, efficient experts with the goal of identifying  the innovations of food and raw materials, by obtaining exclusive representation of LB BULGARICUM, (Bulgaria)‘s products in context of species of starter culture for food industry (specially dairy industry) in Iran.

Rana Farayand Sanat as well as expanding its activities to food enzymes, as a representative of SternEnzym products  (Germany), is distributing a variety of enzymes for food industry.

Rana Farayand, with its GMP certificate for all its products and technical specialist team, is responsible for supplying and supporting the above products and formulations of various dairy products.

Our Services

We are very proud that we have been able to help you with the formation of an experienced team of technicians and experts in order to provide the best services:

Formulation of Dairy Products

Rana Farayand Sanat is ready to cooperate with the dairy factories based on the ability of the top experts in the field of dairy products formulation.

Technical support of the products provided by this company

The Technical Experts in Rana Farayand Sanaat are ready to provide technical support for their products at any time.

To set up and consultation of production lines

Rana Farayand Sanaat, based on its specialized knowledge and experiences, is ready to advise on setting up dairy production lines.